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vergeofamentalbreak-down asked: Hey can you please recommend a good DRY SKIN drugstore foundation? Thanks! :)


Hi there!  Yes, I certainly can!  It’s interesting how almost everyone asks about products for oily skin, isn’t it?!  Here’s some products for my dry-skinned beauties!


Revlon Age Defying Liquid Foundation - $9

This is probably my favorite drugstore foundation for dry skin.  I love the coverage it has, and even though it is hydrating, it doesn’t make your skin look or feel greasy.  This has SPF 20



Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup - $10

For a large part of my life I exclusively used this foundation, and to this day I still like it.  This is a lightweight foundation with medium coverage, but it doesn’t have the staying power of the Revlon one.  This is supposedly full of “antioxidants” to help correct uneven skin tone and moisturize.  Also has SPF 20



L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup - $10

This is a great foundation that instantly makes your skin LOOK hydrated even if it isn’t.  I’d say that this has light to medium coverage but it’s very buildable, and it has a gorgeous glow to it.  This has SPF 20.



Almay Line Smoothing Makeup - $9

This is my most recent dry-skin-find.  It tells you that it hydrates all day right on the front of the bottle, how convenient!  I like this one for sensitive skin types.  This also has light to medium coverage, and average staying power.  Contains SPF 15.


Also, please please PLEASE make sure you’re using a good moisturizer underneath your makeup!  Even if you don’t have dry skin you should be doing this (yes, my oily skinned friends, you need moisturizer too).  A moisturizer will help create balance.  If you find that your skin gets flakey and has patches that are emphasized by makeup, make sure that you are exfoliating and moisturizing beforehand.  Exfoliating will help get rid of that dry, dead skin and will help your foundation go on smoothly.  If your patches are really stubborn, use a primer with a silicone base underneath your foundation over the problem areas!

Hope this helps!

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This is absolutely terrifying. Just look at it, it is so real and astonishing. You need to reblog this. I don’t care if you’re used to reblogging orange, teenage girls with vans on. I don’t care if you’re used to reblogging vintage or photography. This is real. You can even see the fury in his eyes. The tense muscles in between his fingers. The heavy breathing. 

 I will always reblog this. It means so much. Oh my gosh.♥

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